Monday, 10 December 2012

Highlights for Tamil Nadu State policy

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Tamil Nadu has released by far the largest tender for solar power generation. The first phase would contain the bid for 1000MW of competitive bidding. The Solar Energy Policy mandates 6% Solar Purchase Obligation (SPO) (starting with 3% till December 2013 & 6% from January 2014) for the HT consumers (HT Tariff I to V) and LT commercial consumers

Here you can find tender for Tamil Nadu. 

Some highlights from tender:

1. Competitive bidding process.

2. 20 year PPA

3. Minimum 1MW. No upper limit on bidding. Developers can bid unto any capacity.

4. EMD of 7lakh/MW.

5. Security deposit is 30Lakh/MW

6. Plant to be commissioned within 10months from issuance of LOI. Failing to which
    Delay upto 1 month – 20%
    Delay of more than 1 month and upto 3 months – 40%
    Delay of more than 3 months – Remaining Bank Guarantee
    Delay beyond 18 months – PPA will be terminated and the Project will be removed from the list of  selected projects

7. Bidders need to provide proof of financial capability and have to show networth of 1Cr/MW

8.  All the bidders selected will be asked to match L1 negotiated rate. If the total aggregate capacity of the Solar PV Projects qualified by TANGEDCO is higher than 1000 MW, the final Selection of the Projects from the list of qualified projects will be done on pro-rata basis

Please feel free to add more insights on TN state policy

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